Natural History

The Parish of Donaghmore

The Parish of Donaghmore, Co. Down covers 8396 acres and contains 26 townlands, their names & meanings which follow –

Newry Townlands

The meanings of the names of the 23 townlands of Newry stretch far back into ancient times – listed below are their names and meanings. Ardarragh (Ard darach) – "Height of oak trees"  Ard, "aheight" or "hill". Benagh (Beitheanach) – […]


Loughorne is one of the 23 townlands that make up the Parish of Newry, Co.Down.  It is bordered by Shinn, Castlenigan, Carnacally, Lisserboy, Ringbane, Tullymurry & Aughnacavan.  It is an area which has seen many changes over the centuries, which […]