Adrian Murdock

Old Family names of Loughorne

From the 1900s to the present day, many family names, which were once familiar in Loughorne have now disappeared.  Two families, which we consider here are the Cleggs & Raineys.

Painting Unveiling

Funeral of Henrietta Mitchel Martin

Over 90 years ago the funeral took place to the "Old Meeting House Green" in Newry of an elderly, almost forgotten lady, who was the last link with a group of forward thinking young men, who made a name for […]

The Parish of Donaghmore

The Parish of Donaghmore, Co. Down covers 8396 acres and contains 26 townlands, their names & meanings which follow –

Blue Plaque Unveiling on “Dromalane House”

On  a beautiful, sunny September morning over 50 people gathered at "Dromalane House", Newry, to witness an event, which had been talked about for so long!

“John Mitchel Day”

On a bright, crisp, cold  Sunday in November over 40 people gathered in the room in "Dromalane House", where John Martin & John Mitchel had died.  The day on the last Sunday of November 2008, had been organised by Francis […]

More American Tourists

On Thursday 18th September Adrian welcomed 6 Americans from Texas & Florida to the "Harshaw/Martin Trail".   They also had the delight of meeting Mearns Pollock in Newry Market & having a tour of it and being interviewed by the local press

Saval Womens Group

On Sat 8th March, despite heavy showers over 40 members of Saval's Womens Group with a few men and lots of children came to walk the Trail.   Owing to the wet condition of the ground the group only walked to […]

My Grandfather

The Grandfather of Adrian Murdock was Andrew Murdock of Lisnaree, he was the eldest child of Thomas & Maria Murdock, he was born in September 1870.   He attended School at Shinn and when he was about 30, he married Sarah […]

John Martin Print

An adverisement for the sale of a signed print of John Martin appeared in the "Newry Reporter" in 1905.  Wondering if anyone throughout this wide World has any idea where this actual picture went or where it is now??  Any […]