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Old Family names of Loughorne

From the 1900s to the present day, many family names, which were once familiar in Loughorne have now disappeared.  Two families, which we consider here are the Cleggs & Raineys.

The Cleggs were most probabaly around the area from late 1700s, mostly being tenant farmers and labourers.  It is my guess taht the Raineys came to the area in connection with the Loughorne scutch mill in the middle 1800s.

On 8th June 1848 we have Alexander Rainey of Loughorne a servant getting married to Rebecca Clegg, daughter of David of Castlenigan, the neighbouring townland.  David was listed as a farmer and Alexander's father Joseph was a labourer.  They were married in St Mary's Church of Ireland, Newry by D Bagot, the vicar.

The first child, a daughter Mary arrived quickly, being born in Loughorne on 8th December 1848.  A son David arrived on 9th May 1852 being born in Castleingan.  The next child, as the rest were also were born in Castlenigan, she was Elizabeth, on 15th December 1854.Another daughter Jane arrived on 7th July 1860.   Margaret was born on 30th September 1862.  Another son Alexander appeared on 18th November 1864.  Martha was born on 26th August 1867.   Sarah arrived 14th May 1869.  The last child William George was born on 8th January 1871.

If you think you are descended from any of the above children or know anyone who is, the author would be delighted to hear from you!!

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