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The Parish of Donaghmore

The Parish of Donaghmore, Co. Down covers 8396 acres and contains 26 townlands, their names & meanings which follow –

Ardkeeragh, Ard-caora – "The sheep's height or Hill of the sheep"

Aughintober, Achad-na-tober – "The field of the well", the townland once a spa well, one of the holy wells so common throughout Ireland.

Aughnacavan, Achadh-na-cabhan – "The field of the hollow or valley".

Ballyblaugh, Bailie-blathach – "The town of flowers".

Ballylough, Baile-na-loch – "The town of the loch or lake"

Ballymacratty-Beg, Baile-mac-ionnreachtaich-beg – "The small town of Mac Ionnreachtaigh"

Ballymacratty-more, Baile-mac-ionnreachtaich-mor – "The large town of Mac Ionnreactaigh"

Buskhill, Baile-na-bascaille – "The town of the hind or dear"

Cargabane, Cairgeach-ban – "The white rocky place or The white rocks"

Carrickovaddy, Carraic-ruadh-mhadaidh – "the rock of the red dog"

Corgary, Cor-garbh – "The rough round hill"

Derrycraw, Doire- creach – "The oak woods of the gerd or plunder"

Drumantine, Druim-an-tsideain – "The ridge of the fiaries or the foxgloves"

Drummillier, Druim-iolar – "The eagle's ridge"

Glebe is a modern name, the old name being Tullynacross, Talach-na-eroch – "The hill of the cross"

Killysavin, Coill-samhain – "Hollantide bushes or wood"

Knockanarney, Conock-na-airne – "The hill of the sloes"

Lurganare, Lurgan-air – "The long low hill of slaughter"

Moneymore, Muine-mor – "The big shrubbery"

Muddydrumbrist, Muin-drom-raisg – "The shrubbery of the moory ridge"

Ringbane, Rin-ban – "The white point"

Ringclare, Rin-clar – "The level point or The point of the plain"

Ringolish, Rin-na-lis – "The point of the fort"

Tullymore, Tulac-mor – "The big hill"

Tullymurry, Tulac-mhuire – "The hill of Mary".

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