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More American Tourists

On Thursday 18th September Adrian welcomed 6 Americans from Texas & Florida to the "Harshaw/Martin Trail".   They also had the delight of meeting Mearns Pollock in Newry Market & having a tour of it and being interviewed by the local press

at statue

The guests consisted of Curtis & Janice Harshaw, who were here before in 2002 & Curtis' 2 sisters Kathy & Linda and their husbands, Bill Maguire & David Summers.
Adrian met them in Newry on Thursday morning, 18th September and proceeded to Newry Market, where they received a warm welcome & gifts from Mearns Polock.  They were delighted to hear about all his work with poetry & storytelling, which he has set up at "Ceilidh House" in the market.  A local artist was also present, with some of his wonderful paintings.
Once the local press & photoghraphers had arrived, the group made their way to the statue of John Mitchel, to have their photos taken.  The tourists had never heard of him and were fascinated to hear of his role in the American Civil War.

After Mearns left us, we went to Bagenals Castle and were given an excellent tour by one of the guides, many of the 6 visitors picking up pieces of information, they had never known before.

After lunch we went to Donaghmore churchyard to visit John Martin' grave & take photos.  From there, we went around the Trail and ended up at the "Harshaw Home", where Jim Henning gave us a very warm welcome & his daughter in law's beautiful red setter dog was keen to get included in all the photos!!

After a brief stop at the "Old Loughorne Schoolhouse", to see Katie-Rose McKenna, Curtis & Janice had remembered her from 2002, the vistors returned to their guesthouse to get a good rest, after a very full & varied adventure all day.

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