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My Grandfather

grandad andrew murdockThe Grandfather of Adrian Murdock was Andrew Murdock of Lisnaree, he was the eldest child of Thomas & Maria Murdock, he was born in September 1870.   He attended School at Shinn and when he was about 30, he married Sarah Jane Donaldson, who was only 16.  He was friendly with Hunter Moore, the Solicitor of Newry and once when travelling on the train with him, Hunter mentioned that he had no family, where upon Andrew, who was soon to be a father, said he would call the child, if a boy, Hunter Moore and this is how the name came into the family.

Andrew bought the property in Lisnaree, known as Murdock, "The Reedmakers" and this is where they reared their family with Sarah Jane's Mother Martha Duff Donaldson moving in with them, as the snow began to come into her own house.

He closely resmbled King George V and when he drove past Shinn School on his pony & trap, the children saluted and said"here comes Andy Murdock, who looks like the King".  He was a true gentleman and Rev Bailey said, "A more decent man never walked up Newry Street in Rathfriland"

He & Sarah Jane were to have 10 children from 1901 t0 1926.  Around the time of the birth of his son Archie in 1923, Andrew was suffering from cancer and he gave the child to his brother Archibald, who had no family and told him to care for the boy.  Owing to his illness he spent many months in hospital in Belfast, where he was visited by his son Moore & daughter in law Jeannie, who lived in Hollywood.  He was eventually brought home to die, being attended to by his brothers, he was often in great pain and his sreams could be heard for miles around.  Death gave him relief in May 1929 and his funeral to Donaghmore parish Churchyard was paid for by his brother Archibald.

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